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Meet Maria Katsoufi at "Embrace your unique self"!

Eva Tzioti Embrace Your Unique Self

Hey everyone!

This is a very special day for my blog. I am very excited to present a new series of posts by the name “Embrace your unique self”. This section will feature interviews of everyday women with distinctive personalities and styles. Also they have one thing in common. They embrace their unique self and they are not shy to show it.

So today I am presenting you our first guest 20-year old Maria from Thessaloniki. Maria is a University student, a professional dancer and a member of the e-radio She talked about her personal style, her favorites things and If she ever had to deal with racism.

“I am a person who believes that things are either “black or white”. I like to take matter to the extreme! But, on the other hand my favorite colour is gray.”

midi wool dress

“Winter is my favorite time of the year. I also love cats and traveling. Actually my next travel destination is Tokyo, Japan.”

knitted sweater with lace

“In the past i had to deal with racist behaviors because of my color. But as i was growing up the “black culture” became popular and all the racist slurs turned into admiration.”

lurex midi dress

“It makes me sad and uncomfortable that more and more young women adapt a specific style just to get the admiration and attention of the male population. And i am not saying that I am against fashion trends or adapt a more mainstream style. I just don’t want to lose our individuality. We all have either small or big insecurities. But if we start to value ourselves more the insecurities will stop  dominating us.”   

ruffled knitted dress

“As for the photoshoot i have to say that i had a marvelous time! Eva and Dimitris are very cooperative and friendly.”

velvet bell bottoms

Location Paraty bar in Ladadika, Thessaloniki 

Photos Dimitris tsakiris
Make up Sevianna Filtsou
Styling  Argyrios Chatzidiakos


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