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Embrace Your Unique Self project!

Eva Tzioti Embrace Your Unique Self

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is Eva, i am the designer and owner of the clothing brand Le Mouton Bleu. After spending time and effort in taking the perfect picture and discovering beautiful and flawless models to show my clothes, I realised that, that's all good, but something was missing.I decided that it should not only be about the clothes, but  about the women in them.
After all when I first started Le Mouton Bleu, that was my drive. To create clothes for women that can use them to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness. So this was the stepping stone for my new project called “Embrace your unique self”, which is also my brand’s moto.
What I have decided, is that I want everyday women, like you and me, to present themselves and tell their own stories.After all it is hard enough to be a woman in this world, let's try to make it a bit more fun and celebrate us, as we are!

Coming soon!
Hope you enjoy it!
Love Eva

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