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True Story: My experience at the Madwalk fashion show 2019

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My experience at the Madwalk fashion show 2019

In the world of fashion, fashion shows have extraordinary importance. Also,  many fashion designers consider these shows as highlights in their careers.

And one of these shows is the annual Madwalk which takes place in Athens. Well, it’s more than a fashion show actually. It’s a gathering of arts. It’s a place where fashion and music join forces, and everyone is having a good time!

Well-known and established fashion designers are usually the main attraction of the show, but every year up-and-coming designers have the chance to present their clothes.

This year, I had the chance and the pleasure to be a part of the Madwalk fashion show. And when “The Designers Lab” contacted me to be a part of the show, I was over the moon!

And then panic struck me. A billion thoughts crossed my mind. Which piece should be on the runway? Which model should wear my clothes? Will she be nice? And the most crucial question was, what was I going to wear?

Besides the obvious stress, I was really happy about the invitation. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase my work, get a glimpse of the backstages and meet new people.

madwalk 2019

And I got to meet some lovely people. Especially, the lovely and beautiful Anastasia Tsilimpiou, the model that wore my dress. She is a real sweetheart. She is kind, polite and funny! And most importantly she delivered on the catwalk! So, a big thank you goes out to Anastasia. #loveher

madwalk anastasia tsilibiou

As for the item I chose to showcase, I picked the elegant white, dress with embroidered details and 3/4 wide sleeves, inspired by the Greek tradition, and of course the Greek summer. It is one of my favorite dresses I have ever created.

madwalk le mouton bleu

Overall the Madwalk fashion show was a fascinating experience. I learned a lot about the industry, during the preparations and I prepared myself for a personal interview (OMG!) Also, I was really excited to feel my heart pounding at the backstages when Anastasia walked with MY DRESS on the catwalk.

embroidered dress

I really hope (and wish) to participate again in the near future. Kudos Madwalk!

Special thanks

Event Organization: FollowmeNow

Hair: Wella / Diamantopoulos

Make Up: NYX Cosmetics Greece


Anastasia's Photos : Ακίμ-Γιάννης Τσατσούλης

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