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Venus the "unconventional".

Eva Tzioti new products Style

Which way to rotate?

We absolutely love the new lurex bomber jacket! It’s cozy, shimmering, fluffy and definitely unique! We decided to name it after the planet Venus because she is also “oh so rad”!

And here's why: The "Venus" lurex bomber jacket, is named after one of the hottest and brightest objects in our sky, after the Sun and Moon.

Venus is "unconventional". She likes to rotate in the opposite direction than most of the other planets! #doyourthing

Also, the next time you will stress out about not having enough time in your hands to do all the amazing things you want, think that time is very relevant! One day in Venus equals to 117 Earth days! A day on Venus lasts longer than a year. Wow!


bomber jacket

pink jacket


Shot at Ypsilon Thessaloniki.

Worn by fierce Maro Damdoumi!


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