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What about Postmodern Jukebox?

Eva Tzioti Music

 You need to put your earphones on before reading this article and pop up the volume. Today is PMJ day, if you know them i am sure you love them, if not, this is your lucky day!

I think it was 3 years ago when a friend of mine that lives in the UK, introduced me to this unique and uplifting band called, Postmodern Jukeboxalso widely known as PMJ. Well it's not a band, in the traditional way, it is more a collective of musicians, formed and arranged by the pianist Scott Bradlee.

I might learned about them on 2013, but they excist since 2011 and began as a small group of friends making music in a basement in Queens, New York.Now they are a hit on YouTube, with 500 million views and 2 million subscribers.And lucky for us, they are making frequent tours worldwide!

The PMJ are known to take pop songs from several artist like Lady gaga, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and many, many others and transform them into amazing older genre pieces like jazz and swing, that make you forget the original version and fall in love with this new, "older" one! 

Scott bradley has very talended people with breathtaking voices in this music collective like,  Ariane SavallasHaley Reinhart, Von Smith, Cristina Gatti and many more.

I was lucky enough to watch them live in a show in Manchester, 2 years ago and they were amazing and definately worth the trip to gloomy Manchester!
Their electrifing energy, groovy vibes and magical voices, had us dancing all night long!

One more plus about these Ladies and Gents, is their vintage style and retro aesthetics, which i pesonaly l o v e and as you probably know by now.The past and it's history it's always a inspiration value for all my Le Mouton Bleu collections!

Singer Robyn Anderson. Photo by Benjamin Stone.
Singer Robyn Anderson. Photo by Benjamin Stone.

Thumps up guys!We love you!

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