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About Le Mouton Bleu

Le Mouton Bleu is the little blue sheep that always wanted to be unique and colorful. That’s the reason we wanted it to be the emblem for our brand.

We embrace everything unique and extraordinary, colors full of pigment, fabrics with excellent texture. Le Mouton Bleu makes clothes for women who want to wear something fresh and original. Browsing our collection you will find a variety of garments that will add a special note to your wardrobe.

All items are handmade and crafted with love and attention to detail.



About the designer

Eva Tzioti is a fashion designer and the founder of “Le Mouton Bleu”. She began working in the fashion industry in 2007 and collaborated with major brands and designers. Eva has a passion for folklore history, vintage items and fabrics with unique patterns. She started Le Mouton Bleu in 2013 and wants to share her passion with people of similar taste. She is always on the lookout for new inspirations and constantly thinking about her next collections.